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Terms and conditions

Young Businesswomen



These terms and conditions (which incorporate our privacy policy) set out the terms of our

Contract with you in connection with our offer of any service you purchase using 4BRITSOLUTION

"You" / "Your" in the terms and conditions and on the website refer to the customer/applicant.

"We" / "Our" in the terms and conditions and on the website refer to 4BRITSOLUTION


All inquiries must be sent by email, telephone to 4BRITSOLUTION.

All applicants must allow 4BRITSOLUTION to submit their resume, cover letter and references to any potential employer selected by 4BRITSOLUTION.

All requests must be sent only between 1 month to 6 months before the start date, as requested by the applicant.

You must include in your application file a copy of all the necessary supporting documents.

Any missing document will delay the processing time.

All applicants must meet the requirements of 4BRITSOLUTION.

4BRITSOLUTION can only accept your payment and legally and enforceable without further reference to you.

You must read these terms to make sure you are fully aware   services offered by   4BRITSOLUTION.

The terms and conditions will apply to the purchase of services by you / the customer.


These are the terms that govern the sale of our services.

You can buy the services of 4BRITSOLUTION  only if you are able to conclude a contract at least 18 years old / not under guardianship.

The description of the services of 4BRITSOLUTION is presented on the website.

In the case of services rendered to your special needs, it is your responsibility to ensure that all information or specifications that you provide are accurate.

All services that appear on the site are available under conditions.


Applications  worldwide citizens are accepted.


Our rates are only £ Sterling Pound. We only accept payments by credit card.

We require 100% of the fees before your departure: payment plans are available before your departure from your country of origin.

Administrative costs must be paid when registering online. Any registration submitted without the payment of administrative fees will not be considered.

They will cover our search costs, referrals and background checks and assistance throughout your stay.


Costs   transportation to and from your country origin to the UK and any transportation in the UK will not covered by 4BRITSOLUTION.


If we fail to organize your English classes in London with our partners.

If our partners fail to find you a suitable internship.

We will refund 100% by bank transfer any deposit within 30 business days.

If we feel that you are not serious, or that you have provided us with false documents/information if you have refused a maximum of 2   internships matching your profile.

We will keep 100% of the total amount of any deposit you paid.

Your request will be cancelled.

After your departure, if you wish to end your stay for any reason.

 100% of the costs will be kept.

We are bound by law to follow the rules applicable to the VISA you came with.

All cancellations must be made by email only: 

Loss and damage

We are not responsible for your damage, loss, problem, robbery during transport and staying in the UK.

We do not accept any liability for any problem with your employer in the United Kingdom.

We are not responsible for losses, damage resulting or not from the applicant during transport, Her/ his internship / English classes in the UK.

We are not responsible for the resulting losses but are not directly caused by a violation of these terms and

Conditions or that are not reasonable or foreseeable by you / the employer and us even if we are informed of the The possibility of such losses or damages.

Our responsibility should not, under any circumstances, include loss or damage of the applicant/employer.

We do not accept any liability for damage, robbery caused by the claimant at his place of work

Neither those whose claimant cannot be responsible. We refuse any responsibility

In case of damage, the robbery caused by the plaintiff at his place of work

Neither those whose claimant cannot be responsible. We do not accept any responsibility for the authenticity of the documents provided by the applicant and submitted to the employer.

Date change

Any modification date will be billed as follows

10% in addition to our fees the first time, 15% in addition to our fees for the second time.

We, 4BRITSOLUTION, act as an advisor between you / the candidate and your future employer in the UK   On your submitted information.

What we do

We check your background based on your information provided (references, level of English).

We contact you by phone to assess your ability to verbally communicate and discuss your profile and expectations.

We will send you a confirmation letter once your request is accepted.

We help you prepare to travel by providing advice.

We agree to try to help you with a misunderstanding with your employer during your stay.

Your request must be for a minimum stay of 1 month.


.You are responsible for providing valid travel and health insurance prior to your departure date.

. All costs and expenses during transport are at your expense.

We can not accept any warranty liability if we have not reached a positive agreement.

You must remain available if we have to contact us by e-mail.

You must accept the second internship or work that we offer you, even if you do not agree on the location, if it matches to your profile.

Once you have received your confirmation letter, you must respect the agreed departure date.

You must insert your initials on each page, sign and add the signature date of the document.

You must return the paper copy only by email.

If you encounter a problem, you must contact your employer no later than 48 hours before your departure  by
E-mail and phone to change the date.

If you are unable to inform your employer in time, we reserve the right to cancel your application and retain 100% of the time.

Payment made.

You must inform us if you choose to stop your work experience for any reason at any time.

Before your departure.

You must make sure that you have all the valid required documents. Valid ID or passport, health insurance.

A document scanned and sent by mail will be fully accepted.

Once we have accepted your request. You will receive an e-mail as confirmation.

We agree to accurately convey the information submitted to your employer.

We send you your pass your application/pass form

We provide you with a complete copy of our terms and conditions, including our rates.

We may change these terms from time to time. When we do, we will post the new version on the website.

Each new version takes effect from the moment it was first published on the website and, from that moment, you will apply.

However, any changes will not affect existing terms accepted by you. When using our service, we will ask you to confirm your acceptance of the most recent version of these terms and conditions each time you use our services.

If you do not accept any changes to these terms and conditions, you must stop using our services.

These terms are intended to state the complete agreement that binds us with you and any prior communication   Between us is not included in this agreement.

We recommend that you read them carefully for your own benefit.

If you think this agreement is incomplete, be sure to ask us for additional information

In this way, we can avoid any problem before you leave.

In case of dispute

You and we agree that English law applies to these terms and conditions and that any dispute between us regarding our service or arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions will only be dealt with by an English court.

Your Consent

By using the services of 4BRITSOLUTION, you agree to our terms and conditions